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Case of an immediate post extraction implant placement followed by GBR and a peddled connective tissue graft. The patient was a 72 year old man with a low biplane and low aesthetic expectations. Did this procedure after watching Snjezana's cases on this great forum.

Pre op
Pre op scan

Implant placement
Membrane adaptation

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Post op x ray


Wonderful illustration!


Perfect execution, dear Udatta, but what else can one expect from you?
mIVAN works predictably and I am proud that you utilized this technique. Flap less approach, layered bone graft and PCTG inserted into the buccal tunnel result in ridge maintenance and nice soft tissue appearance.
Mostly I stage the procedure but like you in the cases with low aesthetic demand I place the implant at the time of hard and soft tissue grafting.
Attached are some of 30 mIVAN cases followed up for 2-11 years:9, 11 and 13 are with immediate implant placement.
Udatta, thank you so much for this case, you made my day!


Thanks for the information


Great Case mIVAN works beautifully. thnx for sharing. Dr. S


Great case Udatta. M-IVAM works well in Snjezana and your´s hands. Two stages or one stage? If healling is good, will work perfect. Thanks for posting. Jorge