Lost socket shield

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Today, I had to remove the socket shield on tooth #10. The procedure was done 3 1/2 years ago and the results were wonderful. However , a few weeks ago my patient reported feeling a crack sensation around the facial of the area when he apparently bit down on a hard piece of food. He felt no discomfort but days later a small fistula developed. Upon examination , it was obvious the socket shield was cracked and an infection was occurring. Therefore , I removed the shield and a small amount of facial bone. I also took an impression to have an Essex retainer fabricated and later filled the void with several PRF clots . I intend to bring the patient back next week to remove the crown and abutment . My question is whether I should attempt save the implant or remove it . The implant appears to be very stable . However , if I do remove it , I plan to simply let tissue fill in the socket area for 6-8 weeks then replace implant with the a bone graft procedure [ Buser technique ] . If I attempt to save implant I would move forward with grafting next week . Any thoughts ???

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