lateral sinus left questions

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Upper right lateral sinus lift was done 6 months ago. patient was numbed and the perio- probe was inserted about 10mm deep through the lateral window, for the bone density test; bone was still soft. %50 of bovine cortical and cancellous (from ACE, bone should be hard at 4months) and %50 human cortical and cancellous miniralized dried bone. Human pericardium was used at the lateral window,
A small portal (4mm mesial to where the prove was first inserted) with visual bone particles was inspected as well, bone was still soft.
1. is there chances, bone will form? and how long ?since there no blood supplies inside sinus.
2. if bone wont form then how can i deal with cleaning up the sinus? how can i regraft?
what kind of bone should be used?

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I would suggest a CBCT to thoroughly examine the area. Provide an additional 4 months healing time if there are no signs of infection. If by then the bone has not incorporated then a likely scenario of fibrous encapsualtion of the graft or small chronic zone of infection present and the graft should be reoved, sinus thoroughly lavaged with sterile saline and antibiotics. Wait 4 months and return to the site to graft. Pericardium would not be my choice to seal lateral access. Collagen membrane with pins for stabilization. Good luck Dr. Salama


thank you


There is a small open area distal to #5 where bone particles are leaking out, but there is no sign of infection.
should I wait a while longer?
THank you


I would do more or less what Maurice has proposed. I would prefer to use PRF with allograft as my material for filling the void on the second attempt. The fact that there is an area with grafted material leaking says to me that possibly, there was an infection from the oral flora that did not allow proper healing of the graft.


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