Lateral ridge augmentation with Porcine Lamina

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Posted on By Emilio Rodriguez-Fernández In Bone Grafting

A woman of 58 years old came to the office for dental implants. But she did not have enough bone width in both posterior sides of the lower jaw. So I decided to make a lateral bone augmentation with Xenogeneic shield (Porcine hard Lamina)

After the cortical preparation. I fixed a xenogeneic bone shield with two screws, filling the gap between the shield and the residual cortical with autogenous bone chips in combination with particulated bone substitutes and a thin collagen barrier.

After 9 months, I got enough bone width to fix 3 dental implants without the need to resort to a donor area.

This modality reduces morbidity of Khoury´s approach and simplifies the number of surgical instruments with excellent results.

Thank you,

Emilio Rodriguez

Lamina, CTBC and study cast
Bone Shield screw fixed

The ridge after the surgery
Removal of screws

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Is this the lamina hard from Tecnoss?


Yes, It is


Impressive many cases have you performed with this material? Dr. Salama


Thank you Dr. Actually I have two, I hope to make more soon. I will show you the other in a few months. This one was the first.


Interesting.. good job!


Thank you very much!!


Dr Emilio

Great procedure and results. Porcine Lamina? Is it thin? cortical and pliable?

I use a calvaria strut ( cortical/cancellous ) for a similar reconstruction with predictable results. Rib struts work as well, however more careful handeling needed.

Thanks for posting




Thank you Dr. Rocco. It is Porcine Lamina, It is thin cortical and pliable. Easy to handle. Drill and fix dry, then apply blood and the graft. Very interesting your work with dogs and rabbits bones. In a few weeks I will post the second case in humans. I hope you like it!

Here I leave to you an advance



Thank you for the reply.
Cant wait to see the second case....

I also use thin plates. This case is a rib strut (allograft) and dentine particulate graft to rebuild the palate / maxillary defect


palate fix
dentine graft


nice!!! Are you gonna sacrifice the animals? For an histology study?


Thanks. Maybe you have misunderstood. I am a veterinary clinician. My practice is pretty much focused on Dentistry and Oral Surgery. These cases are companion animal cases, no sacrificing. Most of the follow up documentation are radiographic and clinical. ( 9 week follow up on the case )

However, there are certain cases when histological analysis is incorporated in the staged procedures.

Great Weekend


Pre / 9 Weeks Rads
Post / 9 Weeks


All right!!! Your experience is welcome!!!


Post op same case.




Nobel Biocare