Keratinized augmentation thru SS

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Posted on By Jorge Campos In Soft Tissue Enhancement

We know by Canullo 2105, that after a period of 7 years the keratinized gingiva width gets closer to the 2mm dangerous zone, were periimplantitis may occur.
Here I post a case of a normal SS treatment (SPoT) but after analizyng the outcome and comparing to initial tooth keratinized width gingiva I found and improvement on the quality of the zone. I could be easily understood if I had done ortho extrusion of the shield, but it is not the case. Just HEALLING abutment on implant and PRF on top. After 6 months normal uncovery and see the evolution of keratinized gingiva from Nov 4th, Dec 12th and Jan 13.

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See quality improvent and maturation of KG


Very interesting observation Jorge. Do you think the PRF had any role in this response? Nice results!! Regards Naheed


Jorge; I have found similar hypothesis is that the space left above th shield reduction FILLS in with CT overtime providing added thickness and zone of KT.
regards Mo