Indirect composite onlay .

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There is a consensus that indirect way gives you a good quality monolithic composite restoration , enhance polishability, easy build -up with supreme anatomy coping.
After evaluation of residual tooth structure in the case , almost buccal and palatal walls were missing, the tooth need cuspal coverage , i decided to go indirect .
we can consider indirect composite as agray way between white (direct composite ) and black (crown).

After amalgam removal , composite was placed , first ,to give the cavity its shape to guide for cementation , second to elevate margin and make it accessible ,third to remove any undercuts and make the insertion step easy, fourth to lessen onlay thickness for light curing .

Heated composite paste for onlay cementation.

Initial situation .
Before cementation

Steps .
Buliding indirect composite .

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Great skill. What is your material selection criteria? Thanks Dr. Salama


Cost ,Always you will face limitations


I believe this is a great service for your patient, to preserve as much enamel as possible. We are still seeing endodontists asking the general dentist to place full crowns on root canal treated teeth.


With the advances of adhesive dentistry , direct composite becomes agreat choice with supreme longevity and predictability
i believe in full extracoronal restoration (crown ) with a shoulderless preparation , it preserves tooth structure , u can even place crown margin on enamel at pericervical area.
what do you think in vertical prep in comparison to horizontal one ?


We are big fans of vertical preparations as taught at PENN for ages....Carlo Poggio has a great presentation on XP on Vertical preparations in modern restorative therapies....


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