Immediate full-arch implant/prosthetics

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Posted on By Kurt Doolin In Full Arch & Dentures

Used nSequence guides for this case with good result. I'm looking forward to using newer generation guides that have a more open design. I always worry about lack of irrigation with stacked guides. Any advice/comments are welcome.
Kurt Doolin

guide indexing

bone redux and implant placement
interim prosthesis and gaskets

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Really well planned and executed case Kurt. My compliments. I believe more and more of the newer generation designs are incorporating more access for irrigation. Whenever I have doubts, I get my assistant to supply additional irrigation during the drilling sequence.


Well done Kurt. Yes, newer more open designs are more appealing to me as it allows for visualization and irrigation. regards Dr. Salama


This is exactly what bothers me, especially when doing full arch cases. There is 2ingis guide designed by Philippe De Moyer that allows very good visualization and irrigation.
One question: do you plan to enhance KG on the right site?
thank you for sharing


Henry Schein