Histologic , CBCT and clinical prognosis of an Autograft case , 6 months follow up

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Hello all
Case presented for prosthetic treatment the plan was by lateral maxillary extraction , implant inserted using digital guide , grafting , and prosthetic replacement after 6 months .
Autografting was done for this case , 6 months histology report indicates formation of bony Spicules within C.T. stroma that shows as well as the CBCT and the clinical observation .
Thoughts and comments are welcomed ,,,
Wahib Moussa

Special thanks to Prof.Dr. Amany Nour chairman of dental Anatomy & Pathology department , Pharos University for the histology reports.

5- Histology report (H&E x 10 )
1-Pre-operative view for the patient & CBCT.

2- Packing prepared autograft into extraction socket ,Digital guide in place after packing the autograft in extraction sockets,Implant inserted.
3- Punch biopsy .

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Great service to your patient! Autograft and guided surgery - it changed a lot in our daily praxis.
Do you first fill the socket with autograft and then prepare implant sites? I use to prepare implant site, pack the autograft into the socket, drill with a smaller diameter drill and place the implant.
Thank you for sharing and congratulations for perfect case management!
best regards


Dear Dr. Snjezana... Great words coming from the Queen makes me happy today, Thank you. Yes I pack the extraction socket with autograft then proceed with the osteotomy and implant insertion with the digital guide or without . Your procedure is also great and I did apply it successfully in some cases. Thank you again, with my best regards. Wahib


The case and result is exceptional. My only question is how would this histology compare to a CONTROL site or one grafted with frequently utilized particulate bone graft materials. regards Dr. S


Dr. .Salama…. Thanks a lot for you valuable and kind comment. Your professional question is greatly respected. I will try my best to cover it, and compare particulate bone graft histology with autograft and publish the data when ready…Best regards and thank you for your professional comment. Wahib Moussa


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