Grafting of an advanced maxillary defect .

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Hello all ,
Some patients do not believe in checkups and periodic records with the dentist or periodic examination and x-rays.
This case is one of this examples, the patient presented 10 years ago, inserted two implants, one of them was one stage I don’t have any records. Why? It could be space limitations.
He has a ceramic restoration, which to me does not look nice, but I believe that he had it as a temporary, to be changed with another one, but he did not show for 13 years later.
CBCT examination revealed a huge cavity related to the left implant.
The patient is young, works in sea transport, he doesn’t have any vacations.
Treatment plan was to remove the implant, curette, bone graft and two collagen membranes, one palatal fixed by tacks and another one labial, and both are kept beneath the suture level.
Release was done to avoid any tensed sutures, a big amount of bone graft, allograft was inserted, patient was instructed to were the temporary partial denture for at least one month, only for few hours per day.
Patient scheduled to come back in three and six months.
Thoughts and comments are welcomed.
Wahib Moussa

3-Bone defect after removable the implant , palatal collagen membrane fixed in place .
1-CBCT and digital x-ray showing bony defect and clinical look for the fixed bridge .

2-Flap exposure.
4-Addition of allograft .

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Nice job. Keep us updated as patient heals? Was autogenous bone considered? How did you secure your membranes? Thanks Dr. Salama


Dr Salama .Thank you sincerely for your kind commen
It will be my pleasure to update this case .Membranes
Were fixed by self tapping tacs.
With my regards and thanks.Wahib Moussa


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