Gingival enhancement possible?

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Fractured #24 w/ facial and mesial bone loss. Bone graft at time of extraction. At 4 months placed all in one abut/implant. 4 months later final crown. Dont think I can get more mesial bone due to lack of height on mesial #25. Is there a predictable way to graft soft tissue vertically in this area to help close the defect?

Pre extract
post graft

threading the needle
prov crown

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Bruce my friend, your only chance here is to orthodontically extrude the adjacent natural incisor #25. Do it SLOWLY and it may not require endo, only occlusal adjustment. You went to PENN, you know this is ONLY way out here. regards Mo


Thanks. Going to "fill" the defect restoratively and monitor the area. I think if patient keeps area clean than should hold long term? Other than a slight esthetic concern I didn't think there should be any long term consequences. Time will tell. Thoughts?


Keep an eye on trap, inflammation etc. PA looks good though otherwise. regards and hope to see you in Florida in February. regards Mo


Tried to contour crown to reduce food trap. Lets see how bone levels hold up. Thanks for the input.

day of insertion


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