Fully guided maxillary and mandibular implants.

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Hello all
Patient presented from over- seas, age 52 having ,few remaining teeth in the upper and the lower arch, indicated for extraction
Treatment plan was, extraction, immediate 20 implants in maxillary and mandibular arch ,fully guided insertion by digital guide, temporization, and immediate loading with zirconium fixed bridge .
Case was conducted in seven days due to time limitation of the patient , implants were inserted in good alignment and stability.
Case was restored by zirconium bridge as planned , CBCT before and after indicated good alignment and nice positioning of the implants .
I am sharing this case to illustrate the good alignment obtained by fully guided procedure ,
Patient was advised to stay on soft diet for two months
Thoughts and comments are welcomed.
Wahib Moussa

3- Planning for digital guide.
1- Preoperative Clinical view .

2- Preoperative CBCT .
4- Digital guide seated on maxillary arch and insertion implants.

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A great service to the patient....All on more. regards Maurice


Thank you very much Dr. Salama for your kind comment. Best regards........... Wahib Moussa.


Hi Wahib, really nice case. I would like to ask you about soft tissue management when placing implants with this surgical guide.
Sometimes exists a lack of KT arounf implants when placed with guided surgery. How do you face this situatios? Intraop? Post prostho?

Thanks for sharing!


Hi, Jose…Thank you very much for your lovely comment ,As for soft tissue management, with digital guide I really have no control ,at insertion time, Any need for CT grafting will be done Post prosthetic. Thanks and best regards. Wahib Moussa


KLS Martin