Full mouth rehabilitation

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Posted on By Deepiha D In Full Arch & Dentures

19 yr boy, non syndromic oligodontia. This is my first case for full mouth rehabilitation. All primary teeth are removed now. Looking like a straight forward case for prosthetic rehabilitation with full fixed denture by increasing the VD. Is there a need for any orthodontic corrections
How to proceed the treatment?

Upper arch
Lower arch

Frontal view with severe deep bite
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Deepiha; You need to better crop your images and update us on the follow up records after extractions. Lateral pics of Bite as well would be helpful. Has a CBCT been taken? Dr. Salama


Not planning for implants. Can I give a rigidly connected full arch pfm?

Present cast


Hi! If it is your first full rehab I would refer. Do not be upset! This is not an easy case to manage. You do not have enough provided information. Gregory


Okay sir i will refer. But I just want to know the management. Tell me how can we give pfm crowns. We cannot give individual crowns because many teeth are missing. If it is a bridge how to split them. Full arch single restoration or two separate quadrant wise resotoration or premolar to premolar, with key - key way for pier abutment?


It is not what restorations you are going to do. First you have to establish risk factors of the patient form Biomechanical ( tooth structure), Perio, Functional ( occlusion), Dentofacial ( esthetics). When you establish those factors, then you can ask yourself: If my treatment will make those factors worse or better and you have to know Why? Then you have to establish your reference point where you are going to place teeth? Your pictures and your narrative did not provide this. You said that you are going to increase OVD. Why? How did you determine that OVD collapsed? If you increase OVD did you find CR for your reference point? If you did, where articulation in CR? My suggestion is to find someone in your area who has a training how to restore these type of cases and consult since you are going to have a lot of questions during treatment. I hope it helps!


Henry Schein