Full Mouth Rehabilitation at Almost 20 Years

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My patient was about 60 years old when she was referred to me by a dental specialist. All of the posterior teeth had failing restorations and 6-8 of the posterior teeth would require endodontic therapy by an endodontist. Anterior composite restorations were placed when failing existing composites were removed. All second molars were restored in gold, something I would find unnecessary today.
The porcelain restorations were all Empress and were bonded under rubber dam. The crack in #30 has existed since the case was placed and might have happened during curing as Dr. Kanca suggests can happen.

Completed Maxillary Reconstruction
Completed Mandibular Reconstruction

Mandibular left quadrant, close up
Mandibular right quadrant close up. Note crack on buccal #30

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Beautiful full mouth rehabilitation. What would be your choice for those second molars with todays materials? Emax? Zirconia?

Thanks for sharing.


Hi Damir; Thanks for your kind words. This is one of my favorite cases using one of the weakest materials. Today, I would use emax bonded under a rubber dam. Virtually all restorations that I place are bonded rather than cemented and none has debonded to date. All of my cases are equilibrated before starting which is important because I do not prep FMR in one day.


The Quality shows through the tissue color and attachment maintenance. Well done my friend. regards Maurice


Thank you, Maurice. I have been most fortunate that my major reconstructive cases including 10 veneers cases have spectacular soft tissue outcomes. It must be great patient home care. Gerald


Dr. Gerald Benjamin style of FMR. Great case. Regards. Ashok