Full Mouth Gingival Augmentation in One Appointment

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Posted on By John Chao In Periodontics

Hi Everybody,
Some very impressive full arches root coverage cases have been posted using CTG, Tunnel, Vista, etc. Full mouth cases involving practically all the teeth have not been seen, at least recently.
Here's a two-and-half-year involving 24 teeth in both arches all done in one 2-hour-39-minute appointment employing the Pinhole(R) Surgical Technique, which technique required no scalpels or sutures.
John Chao, D.D.S., General Practitioner
Research Associate Professor,
Post Graduate Periodontics
University at Buffalo, SUNY
Adjunct Assistant Professor, USC

Before PST
After: same day

10/27/15: 1 week
11/10/15: 3 Weeks

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Welcome back John. Very impressive case. Thanks for sharing. regards Maurice


Hi Dr Chao. Thank you for sharing this case!
The post op result after 20months, seams very interesting showing very little relapse.

Was there any sort of occlusion trauma relief or treatment?

What sort of soft tissue thickness enhancement can be expected with your technique ?

Thank you for sharing

Bernardo de Mira Correa


Hi Bernardo,
As to the question, " Was there any sort of occlusion trauma relief or treatment?" the answer is that it was contemplated but rejected in favor of an occlusal guard. Equilibration would have no end point. Orthodontics was discussed and rejected by the patient. A lower orthotic was delivered prior to Pinhole(R).

As to the question, " What sort of soft tissue thickness enhancement can be expected with your technique? the answer is thickening is expected across the board in most cases, regardless of the tissue biotype to begin with.
It's hard to precisely measure the "width" or thickness of the gingiva compared to the pre-op. However, in the original study published in the IJPRD, Oct. 2012, the zone of keratinization increased by an average of 1.2 mm for the 121 teeth treated.
What may be the question behind the question you are asking is, how do Pinhole(R) results compare to other methods in terms of tissue thickness and longevity?
I can tell you that (1) State University of New York, at Buffalo, is presently conducting a randomized, double blind, split-mouth design controlled clinical trial comparing Connective Tissue Graft to Pinhole(R) Surgical Technique.
(2) A 7-10 year follow-up report of 28 of the 43 patients in the original IJPRD article is about to be published.
It's an experiment, approved by the IRB (ethics committee on human studies), that will settle any remaining questions about the high level of evidence supporting the affability of Pinhole(R).


Thank you so much for your complete answer!!
Are the publications you mentioned available here on DentalXP?
I would be very interested on reading it!
Best regards


Hi Bernardo,

The entire article is available at PinholeAcademy.com, not at DentalXP as yet.

This Thursday, September 21, EST 8 p.m. or PST 5 p.m., there will be a free webinar on Pinhole(R). The article itself will be discussed in detail and explained at that time. You may register at PinholeLive.com.

Hope you will have read the article by the time you join us at the webinar. I look forward to your comments.




Hello Maurice,
This begs the question I wanted to ask you, do you offer a course strictly on gingival height management. For example, root coverage or crown lengthening I have taken courses with you and this was was part of a course. I need to refresh my memory. Please advise me on how I can best accomplish this. As always thank you for the wealth of knowledge you have shared with me.
Sattar Syed


Excellent tesult and follow up Dr.Chao
Thank you for sharing.


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