Full Arch immediate load non guided. OLD School methods.

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Posted on By Maurice Salama In Full Arch & Dentures

A case from 13 years ago, of immediate extraction, bone reduction, immediate implants and immediate functional load performed WITHOUT a "fully guided" protocol. These were "fully estimated". Thoughts on outcome. regards Dr. Salama

Bone reduction
After extraction of hopeless teeth

Implant Placement
All on 7 with BG and PRGF

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Old School Denture Conversion

Rubber Dam for pick up of conversion denture
Denture Pickup with bite of opposing arch


Old School use of 3D software

Simplant plan
Simplant implant locations


13 years post op

Occlusal view at time of Syncone abutment alteration
13 years later


Panorex before and after

Panorex pre op
Panorex post op



case looks great - still functional - any replacement of intaglio or denture? Any consideration of conversion to fixed ?




Good question, denture went through new reline and conversion at year 8. Would not consider fixed as patient happy and able to clean. Also, facial support required from flange. My time line for these cases are typically 5-10 years before maintenance and repair/replace.
Happy birthday mannnn Mo


Maurice beautiful case and so clean surgery!

Old school rocks! haha

I have personally found the process of denture pick up in the mouth to be very difficult in my hands, thus for many years I have preferred the prosthesis to be delivered the next day. We have also been utilising for over 5 years now the indirect syncrystralization technique to ensure implant macro-stability and temporary prosthesis endurance.



Yiannis that sounds great and no real significant differences with waiting a day or 2 to perform reline other than swelling of tissues. regards Maurice


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