From Pathologic Occlusion to Therapeutic One

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Patient presented for emergency repair of broken composite splint on his lower right posterior sextant. Patient reported that his dentist has been repairing it for many years. The doctor is not available as he is out of town on vacation.
Highly educated patient with low dental IQ and our colleague failed to educate the patient on what the dentistry has to offer.

Pre Op
Pre Op

Therapeutic VDO
Interim Phase Radiograph

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6 Yr Post insertion radiograph


Dr. Yongkun,

The final restoration looks really nice and I like your staged approach. Patient must be at least as happy as you:)
Would you be so kind to describe the treatment flow?
Thank you for sharing


Dr. Pohl
Thanks for your kind comments.
treatment sequence is as follows:
- set up acceptable working VDO
- FU and LL prep and temp at VDO
- selective extractions and implant placement upper arch
remaining teeth supports FU temp
temp serve as guide for implant placement
- Lower arch extraction and implant placement.
decision made to leave lower arch edentulous during
implant integration. (temp implant could be used)
- extraction of remaining upper teeth and jump FU temp
to implants
- Final prosthesis

I tend to keep hopeless teeth to serve as interim abutments to support fixed provisional during implant integration as much as possible.
Thanks for the interest and your comments.


GREAT Case management....real Perio-Prosth in the modern implant age....and WITHOUT unnecessary ostectomy and HYBRID PINK restoration or only 4 implants.....Love this. Thanks for sharing. Time for an XP presentation. regards Maurice Salama


Mo, I can't agree with you better that the concept of our perio-pros still goes strong, even in this era of implant dentistry. Thanks for kind comments
Regards, YK


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