Fractured implant

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Posted on By UDATTA KHER In Implants

I had placed a couple of implant for a young female patient who had congenitally missing teeth in 2014. The case was restored by the prosthodontics after completion of the orthodontic treatment. I hadn't seen the patient ever since.
Last week the patient reported with a mobility in the crown on #23. To our horror we realised that the implant has fractured!!
What could have caused it?
And how we proceed from here?

Deficient ridge
Implant placement

Ridge augmentation
After 4 years

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This is very unfortunate :(

What do you think was the reason behind it? manufacturing error, parafunctional habits/occlusion?

On first glance I would consider burying this implant and support the two crowns on the one implant but then again would this jeopardise the remaining implant making it prone to fracture as well?



There might have been a bone loss,that resulted in increased crow to implant ratio,hence-fracture.
I would go for cantilever bridge.
Thanks for sharing!


There is some bone loss now. But I am not certain if that happened after the fracture. The patient reported at a late stage after the crown became very mobile. So my feeling is that the fracture occurred first and then the bone loss.


Udatta, do you have access to the records before the ortho had started?
Does this patient have mandibular or palatal tori?


No Tori.


do you have a picture of upper and lower canines on another side?


Pre op situation