Fractured bridge abutment

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Patient has a 20y.o. bridge. Fractured #7. Wanted suggestions on tx plan, timing of visits etc. #9 is slightly mobile possibly due to #7, but asymptomatic otherwise. #8 pontic area is collapsed buccally. Esthetic demand fairly low. He's 45 y.o. male.

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You can certainly extend the bridge to the cuspid if the patient is not that concerned with esthetics and he may not even want perio surgery to enhance the gingival relationship. Obviously there are other procedures that can be suggested but your patient does not seem to be interested.


Bruce; You could do crown length on #7 if fracture is horizontal and favorable and extend the bridge as Dr. Goldstein suggested. The other option would be implant placement with bone graft for #7 & 8 knowing the esthetics are not a concern. regards Mo


My thoughts were to place an implant and cantilever the pontic. Wasn't sure which position I should place the implant? Was concerned that a natural tooth supported bridge would place too much lateral force on #9. also worried if I crown lengthen and bridge #7 setting up for future failure of abutment teeth. If I went with implant wasn't sure if I reduce and utilize the #7 root? Thanks


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