Failed implant on 3.1

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Posted on By Patricio Doñas In Failures

Male patient, arrived yesterday with an emergency consult.
Handed me implant with crown who had "fell" off the mouth. Implant wasn't placed by our team.

4.1 also compromised, with mobility.

Already donde cases where orthodontics was used to take the lateral to central, but with this defect not pretty sure.
I see at least 3 treatment options here.


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Unfortunately, the implant used for ortho was not well integrated with the bone when utilized. Intermitten forces in multiple directions can easliy cause this type failure. You will lose the other central incisor as well. Either large graft or conventional bridge. Please next time add other images to your post for the best response. regards Mo


Thanks for your answer Maurice.
NO ortho have been done.
He got a mono block implant 5 years ago.


Extract central and Bone Graft area.....then consider movement of both laterals into the grafted area....creating 2 single implant sites for the lateral areas...regards Mo