Exposed Subperiosteal Framework

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69 year old healthy female with exposed subperiosteal framework biaterally distally. Asymptomatic. CBCT appears to show osseous voids under the framework. The framework appears to be supported by 3 root form implants on the L side. One of these penetrates the nasal cavity. The root from implant on the R side is a sleeper. The hybrid denture is retained by locator abutments. She is presently on Periostat 20 mg BID as a precaution. I have no experience with subperiosteal prosthesis. What is appropriate treatment here? Thank you for your direction.

Maxillary Subperiosteal
Exposed framework R side

Exposed framework L side
CBCT _ Pan

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L Side implants
CBCT of L side


Terry, I do not have much experience with these cases either but the key word you mentioned is "asymptomatic". I would observe and maintain. Treat when symptoms present. Only options would be remove entire prosthesis or section distal aspects that are exposed. Good luck. See you in Brazil my friend. Dr. S


Thank you. What do you think about the Periostat? Necessary? or Not? Brazil will be fun this year. Thanks for the invite!!!


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