Evolution of Implant aesthetics

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Implants in the aesthetic zone are challenging and concepts are constantly evolving.The last decade and a half has been the renaissance age of aesthetic zone implant therapy where it became possible to use the two words "Implants" and "Aesthetics" in the same breath. This series of pictures demonstrates the changes in concepts over the years and their impact on the consequent outcomes.

Frontal view showing 1) 10+year old implant in 23, 2) 4 year old implant with GBR in 13,3) 22 implant with Socket shield and 4)12 Immediate implant with dual zone grafting
Incisal view and CBCT image (made before 12 implant placement)

23 implant views
13 implant views

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The last picture in the series with the 12 implant images (not loaded yet)


Nice work, it's good to see how techniques change and improve over time. Due to errors in the past, we have learned how to avoid them in first place.

Thanks for sharing


Narayan. Great case for comparison! We can already see a difference between SS and Duel Zone approaches in the areas adjacent to the previously placed implants. The SS looks better years later despite being next to an implant that has experienced 10'years of resorption. The Duel Zone site already shows loss of tissue volume in the distal area next to the implant that has yet to remodel half as many years. I expect the this trend will continue over time. Thank you for sharing. Chuck


Narayan, thanks for posting such interesting case! We can read on this images the ideas that were behind our treatments.
The importance of learning from old mistakes is always something great of science. I do believe that after PET ideas, everything will change for better. I cannot simply extract without thinking on SS prior to implant placement.
Please keep us posted.


Thank you Drs. Andoni, Chuck & Campos. I agree with you all on the importance of PET. When doing delayed placement, I think there is merit in augmenting the contours anyway, even if the original bone volume seems adequate. Thoughts?


I must agree...Narayan. Thanks for sharing. Dr. Salama