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Patient, Male 34 years old. Comes to consultation with pain in tooth 3.7. We found an intra oral fistula with an active endo-periodontal abscess draining.
distal periodontal pocket of 10mm was found. Miller tooth mobility grade 2.

The decision to save the teeth was made. So it was derived to the endodontist- Dr. Juan Manuel Farah Hayn. The treatment took 15 sessions before it was finished and filled.

Today, march 2017 there is no pain, no fistula, absence of periodontal pocket and Miller mobility grade 0.


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Damir, very nice conservative result.


Thank you Ashok.


Hi Damir;
And how about the tooth directly mesial to that tooth?


Hi Gerald, thanks. Yes i see those mesial canals very shortly treated...

When the patient was derived to the endodontist that tooth was checked too. I was informed then, that it had 15 years with that treatment with absence of pain or any symptoms and radiographic evidence. Also, a CBCT scan was made in the endodontist office and they found that the mesial canals were calcified.



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