DTR Technique + Individual Healing Abutment

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Posted on By Fabio Manuel Filannino In Implants

Immediate implant with Socket Preservation and Individualized HA

Initial Situation
Initial x-rays

Dental Sectioning
Extraction (Expanders + Magnetic Mallet)

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nice case and documentation. few questions though.. 1. i understand that drilling through the root stump makes it much easier to center the implant post extraction, but in this case there is a large lesion on mesial root which after osteotomy preparation might be very hard to curette especially if it doesn`t come out connected to mesial root, thoughts? Plus, at times the intraseptal bone can crack during extraction (more so on mandibular molars than maxillary ones, preparing osteotomy weakens this bone even further is it worth the risk ? 2. i would like to hear more about the sponge U placed around abutment was it collegen ? do u keep it as barrier for bone under composite ? 3. seems like premolar has some caries on clinical photos.. but U probably saw that.. But final result looks nice good luck aryeh


Thank you very much. In order to answer to your questions: I did actually curette the lesion after the osteotomy preparation, once I removed the roots;
part of the septum did break during the extraction that was performed with the magnetic mallet, device that helps you to be really conservative and normally the primary stability is given from the thickest part of the septum that is the buccal and the lingual triangle part;
yes the sponges are made of collagen that I use pressed to fill or like a poncho under the composite to protect for couple of weeks the wound;
about the premolare of course is scheduled to endo-prostho.
Hope to have answered to all you doubts, regards,



To continue the case...we're now at the prosthodontics phase, with permanent abutment and temporary crown...


Magnetic Mallet