Do I need implant?

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Posted on By Judy Lee In Implants

I had discovered the Dentist I just visited was involved in many scams of billing with doing any works. They had many suit case n it was in media.

Without reviewing my teeth, he had ordered a x Ray.

I need yr help to see if I really need a implant.

I feel all this do not make sense.

I need your expertise help to see base on this x Ray if implant is justifiable.

Thank you for yr help

Second premoral on upper left , 1st on upper left.
One of them need implant .
5 filling required.

I am trying not to x Ray one more time to avoid exposing to radiation.

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You first have to visit your dentist. Dental implant will help you fill gaps left by one or more missing teeth. After looking at your case the best thing i can suggest is get advice from a good dentist.


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Dental implants are the strongest restoration method for missing teeth. If you need to know more about dental implant, you can visit here


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