Digitally Guided Bone Augmentation

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Posted on By Naheed Mohamed In Bone Grafting

Its been a while since I've posted, been busy with a new baby and opening a new practice. I have expanded on the term guided surgery and taken it beyond just implant placement. Here are a few snapshots of a few cases showing guided bone block harvesting from the ramus and chin, a sinus window guide to work around a branch of the posterior superior alveolar artery, and a guide to precisely remove a embedded root tip in a minimally invasive way to preserve bone and allow immediate guided implant placement. All guides are preferably tooth borne for more accuracy and to alleviate concerns of segmentation errors. And lastly a digitally planned bone augmentation and 3D printed models to aid in the shaping of a titanium re-inforces ePTFE membrane. I have been working on using cad cam software and cbct software to digitally complete the entire surgery virtually and then use 3D printing to create guides and models to bring virtual to clinical reality. More to come in the future. Looking soon bringing augmented reality into the mix. Hope you enjoy :)

Regards, Naheed

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