diabetic GBR case

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Male 68 yr old
Med Hx: diabetes2013, gout 2017, HTN
Med list: Januvia 1000mg, Amlopdipine, diamicron, Indapamide, Atrorvastatin , Coversyl, Tylenol with codine

Dental Findings:
#30 pervious failing endodontic treatment with large abcess recently extracted in Novemeber 2018. Noted complete buccal wall resorption due to long standing infection visible on PAN in 2015. Patient had declined to address until tooth became loose. Patient is now interested in implant for replacement.

Treatment plan: GBR with non-resorbable membrane with reinforced titanium to build buccal bone and stage implant placement 6months later. CBCT scan will be done before implant placement.

QUESTION: Can this be reliably done on a diabetic. Patient states his HbA1c is 6. Can a non-resorbable membrane be used on a diabetic patient?

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Yes, treatment can be successful on diabetic patient BUT flap design and tension free closure will be paramount!!! Dr. Salama


What about the membrane? Can a non-resorable membrane be used? The instructions for use of the membrane I intended to use states it is contraindicated for diabetics.


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