Custom emergence profile for molar site

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Posted on By snjezana pohl In Soft Tissue Enhancement

There is undeniable evidence that peri implant soft tissue has an important role for implant long term success. And there is a daily experience with patients suffering when implants crowns are inserted into a shallow emergence profiles shaped with standard healing abutments.
What improvement to be able to produce a customized healing abutment and replica in few minutes.
Thanks to great XP member Ioannis Vergoullis for this valuable invention.

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I like and admire your surgical cases but with this restoration you had made one step forward (custom emergence profile) and two steps back(custom abutment and cemented restoration).
Custom emergence profile created by the FINAL RESTORATION is a part of Reversed Restorative Rehabilitation.
The RRR enables a clinician to replace teeth in two visits stating with a natural tooth and finishing with a final implant crown.


Hi, Anton,
I agree that RRR is superior. The second best option is custom healing abutment or provisional crown. It depends also from the patients which path we take.
Thank you for your comment - you stimulate me always to get an another step towards digital.
I already wanted to ask you a question and this is a good occasion.
My prosthodontics colleagues experience quite a lot crown/ti base disconnection, especially for single crowns. For this reason is this crown cement retained. What is your experience?
Best regards


Snjezana. Beautiful tissue management! A simple and reproducible process for everyday use. See you soon😀.


Yes, Chuck, this is a point: easy procedure to enhance results and patients comfort for every day surgery.
See you tomorrow!


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