Cracked veneer #9

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I did veneer on this patient on teeth # 8 and 9 with incisal composites on 7 and 10. At the end of treatment I also gave her a night guard. Two months later the patient returned with cracks on the veneers. It does not show much on the picture but clinically it is more noticeable on distal of 8 and mesial angle if 9.Cannot figure out what could be causing it. Also how can I correct it.

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Your photos are a bit overexposed and can not see much detail. This can be "many" things but first check occlusion, anterior guidance and then ceramics and bonding protocols that you used.....the evidence is somewhere if you look hard enough. Dr. Salama


Dr. Salama

Thanks for your response. She does not have any anterior occlusion as she has a severe class 2. I used Kleerveneer with vocobond to bond the veneers. Do you think I should redo the veneers ( they were e-max). Any suggestions for type of cement and bonding agent?


Dr. Malik;
Severe Class II will often fracture anterior reconstructions BECAUSE you believe that you have an unlimited amount of room for your restorations.
It is 100% the occlusion. Find the culprit!


Was the patient wearing a bite guard? Even though there is no centric occlusion when patients sleep they can move in positions not even possible when they are awake. Therefore it well may be an extreme lateral or even protrusive clenching or grinding habit that caused the veneer to crack.


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