Conservative Cracked Tooth Syndrome

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This patient presented with Cracked Tooth Syndrome. Sensitivity to biting pressure and an exaggerated response to cold testing.

Upon removing the old mercury filling you the fracture into dentin is apparent as well as recurrent (iatrogenic) caries.

The fracture was able to be completely removed. Caries was removed the same protocols from my previous case. Affected dentin was intentionally left in place inside the peripheral seal zone as this was greater than 3 mm from the axial wall.

After cleaning I completed immediate dentin sealing followed by resin coating. I allowed this bond to mature for 5 minutes before I started my layering process. I used Kurarary APX as my dentin replacement and Kurarary Majesty Posterior as my enamel replacement.

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Matthew...nice result...what did you place over the deep area in 'dentin sealing'?


A common and poorly understood issue. Thanks for sharing. Dr. Salama


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