Connective tissue sequence

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This 40 yo female presented with severe BL to #7,8. extruded. hx of ortho.

For implant site development,

1. Extrude #7,8
2. GP make essix 7,8
3. extractions 7,8 implants 7,8 Connective tissue

What would be the timing of connective tissue healing and temporaries in this case?



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Extrude #7 & #8 SLOWLY....may require intentional endo.
Stabilize for 10-12 weeks, then reassess.
May be able to keep teeth as 2 unit bridge or PET #8 and Root Submergence #7 or PET #7 & #8 but that would require a c-shaped shield on one of the sites.
Dr. Salama


thank you


I recommend Either Implant #7 or Implant #8. This will have more predictable outcome. Having both #7 #8 implants is more challenging. Bridge also might be a good alternative. The most challenging part is the Papilla between #7 and #8. As mentioned previously utilizing PET or Submerged root if possible is a plus to enhance outcome. Nice case, please keep us updated with the process as you move forward!!!
Thank you


In my humble opinion, this case should be first treated with orthodontic to close the diastema, reatablish a correct alineation and occlusion. This also will improve the quality of the soft and hard tissue and thus leaving a more favorable problem to treat.
Good luck.


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