Clinical stabilization of peri-implant tissues using the "Socket Shield" technique

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A 79-year-old man with partial edentulism who is diagnosed for implant treatment. The initial treatment plan involves the extraction of remaining teeth in the maxilla and subsequent fixed rehabilitation. Two implants were placed, one of them post-extraction, using the socket-shield technique. After 12 weeks, a healing abutment was connected, 5 weeks later, the plug was replaced with a Multi-unit® multiple abutment to make the fixed prosthesis.

After 12 months of functional loading, there were no surgical or prosthetic complications. The volume and original form of the vestibular cortex has not been clinically altered, the root fragment is stable and the PGMU2 abutment has allowed the implant to be rehabilitated, distancing the connection of the prosthesis from the biological width.

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Initial situation

After 12 weeks
CTBC Control

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Emilio, this is the normal outcome of the SS tech. Congrats for your results. It´s becoming, fast, as a standard of treatment on some part of the implantology comunity.


Thank´s Dr. Campos! I am very happy with the results that I am achieving with this technique.


Great case, wondering what implant system? Like the idea of your abutment (PGMU2), must make things cleaner from a prosthetic side? Different heights available? Just interested in this concept. Thanks in advance for any information.


Hi Anthony! Thank you for your comments and your questions. The SST or PET is surgical protocol open to any dental implant system ( Here you have TRX® by Biohorizons). The idea of the abutment is because I want to preserve the initial biological width far away of the prothesis connection. Special when your implant does not have a switching platform. The height of the abutment must be at least 2mm.

According to my experience and the literature, in restorations with multiple implants involved, the prosthesis should be to the abutments not straight to the implants. But it is just my opinion.