CBCT Finding

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I took a CT scan on this patient, completely asymptomatic, she's scheduled to have an All On 4 procedure next week. completely failing dentition on the top. She has a lesion on the area of 10,11, from buccal to lingual.
Any suggestions on that lesion?
Although I don't think its interfering much with the treatment, I'm thinking of bone grafting it, Maybe a double membrane on buccal and lingual.
Any other thoughts?

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There is an surgery as apicectomy in the past?? In this case is possible to be e scar.
In alternative is in lateral positione and it is suggestion for a maxillar cell cisty (globulare).
In any csae a biopsy is necessary befor o during the implant surgery.
If you want make a bone reconstructio it is very helpful to insert a riassorbible membrane in tehe palatal aspect between palatal and vestibular aspect to be sicure to have a bone formation.
Dr Lotta Padova Italy


Thank you Doctor Padova!


It is up to you here. Either way works. If the treatment plan does not include this area you can avoid in entirely. I do NOT believe this area to be pathology and you can OBSERVE it over time. Either way, keep us posted on what you decide and follow up on your post. thanx for sharing Dr. Salama


Thank you Dr.Salama! I will certainly update the post.


I finished the surgery today. all went perfect.
I ended up excavating the granulation tissue (lesion on upper left side) and bone grafting it with double resorbable membrane, one on the buccal and one on the lingual, mixed allograft and autograft applied.
I took a picture of it, and a pano of the 5 implants I placed with immediate temporization.


Nice way to do. The decision to insert implant with immediate temporization avoiding the cysti's areas is the better way to do. the double membrane is the wonderfull things.
Hallo Dr Lotta Carmelo Padova


I think that there may be a lesion on the lower left distal abutment, the molar.