Bone grafting around a new implant

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Posted on By Kathryn Kennedy In Bone Grafting

When 3DDX tells me to graft around a new implant,
What kind of bone should I use
Should I place a closure cap or healing abutment
Should I place membrane and suture it closed
I recently had an implant fail and it was one in which I had to place bone around the implant. I then placed membrane and a closure cap and sutured it closed. The sutures pulled apart and I resutured when she came in for suture removal. She came back 4 weeks later with pus around the implant and I removed it, cleaned out the infection and regrafted. Any ideas on why it failed?

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Lots of possible reasons but hard to tell just off radiographs. I would suggest a beginner Mastership hands on course at XP on Extraction and Implant Placement. Possibilities are lack of immediate stability, infection left in site from previous extractions, lack of closure, over heating or over compression of bone during placement. As for bone graft during placement, always cover screw and close completely tension free. Regards and welcome to XP forum. Dr. Salama


I invite you to take the Dentalxp online Fellowship course as it will answer all questions and much more. As for graft here, it depends on defect and yes always a membrane.


Early Failure of an implant is a sequence that may happen as a result of lot of negative factors that may be solo or combined... as Maurice said this factor(s) cannot be determined on x rays only...and is not related to the grafting procedure. In MHO ..with grafting procedures ..I would always prefer to do it Two staged implant surgery ...cover screw can be used to stabilize the membrane over the graft...and total water tight tension free closure. Good luck


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