Autogenous Plates for 3D Ridge Reconstruction in Mandible

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Posted on By Maurice Salama In Bone Grafting

Patient presents with failing mandibular incisors and severe bone loss on labial lingual aspects. A decision was made to harvest bone from mandibular ramus buccal shelf and use for autologous plates and bone chips. Salvin (Meisenger) mini-screws were utilized to secure both plates. Salvin Bone Scrapers were used to thin blocks and harvest bone. Acteon Cube was used for harvest of bone and thin discs used to split plates. Thoughts? Dr. Salama

Plates Secured on lingual and buccal aspects of ridge
Harvest site and out fracture

Splitting of Block
Harvest of autologous chips while thinning into plates

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2 weeks healing...

PTFE Sutures OMNIA for closure
2 weeks post op maintained closure


Beautiful case! Nice healing! Gregory


Amazing work! Common presentation that is usually not get addressed properly. How did you temporize?


Essix vacuformed tooth borne matrix with denture teeth.


Great case Maurice! For sure the most predictable bone augmentation. Did you consider extracting teeth, and allow for soft tissue healing before grafting? You would have more keratinized gingiva, and easier to close the flap. Can't wait to see the result here!


Excelent choice of treatment and expect full width recovery.
Really a Masterclass in just one case.


6 weeks post op

Axial CBCT




Golden standard of bone augmentation done by golden hands of great mentor ....will be expecting superb result for future implant placement .Mo ..what made you make the decision of using the buccal shelf anteriorly located and not using the retromolar area instead ??? it tge big width of the external oblique line extended to this area or there is another reason ????? Thanks for posting.


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