Augmentation post implant failure using Bond Apatite bone cement

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Posted on By dr Amos yahav In Bone Grafting

In the following case, a failed #29 (45) implant needed to be removed and the defect was to be augmented with Bone cement
(Bond Apatite ®Augma biomaterials ltd.)
After sulcular incision and detachment of the soft tissue from the implant,a buccal flap was minimally raised. The implant was then removed.
After complete debridement and granulation tissue removal,
BA cement was ejected directly into the defect.
The graft was compacted by finger pressure over a dry sterile gauze pressing and molding the graft for 3 seconds. This is adequate time to achieve graft set and stability. The flap was then sutured.
The flap was not dissected for release since according to
BA protocols the flap should be placed directly on the graft with
tension and not tension free.
Healing was uneventful and 12 weeks post-op implant placement took place. The presence of higher bone peek levels mesially and distally enabled the placement of the implant above the buccal aspect of the alveolar crest and to augment over the exposed threads, of this newly placed implant, with additional BA cement at this stage.

Radiographic appearance before removal of the failed implant

Large 3D bony defect after implant removal And complete debridment

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Radiographic appearance 3 months post augmentation with BA bone cement
Implant placement and re augmentation at the second stage



Nice dr Amos, but keep us posted to follow up the case.
How long will it take to transform the cement into bone?
Have you other cases like this?


Thank you Dr. Jorge .
in 3 month there is a transformation into the petient own bone .this case was done in two stages first stage to build suficient bone for placing a new implant and the second one during implant placement .
we already published and will publish additional; deferent cases from diferent clinichans .you are welcome to follow our posting .


Interesting and kind of risky dont you think? wouldnt it be better to do additional bone grafting, wait and then place implant in a vertical situation like that being that you will have 2-3 mm exposure because it employs tension. Great work nonetheless


Thank you Dr warren for your comment indeed it is abit risky .however since we have suficient hight in the proximal
i was quit confidance that it will work .espechialy if i can provide a steable flap during healing .


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