Anterior esthetics. Odontologia VIVA

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Mid age man, disturbed by his anterior esthetic comes to my office looking for a conservative solution.

we realized a full facial esthetic analysis and PVS impressions for diagnostic models.

then the esthetic wax up done and, transfer to the mouth for a previsualization.

Conservative preps were done trying to preserve as much enamel as possible.

finally all ceramic veneers were adhesive cemented under rubber dam isolation.

patient final result can observed one week after cementation.

initial sutution
diagnostic wax up

preps and retraction cords in place
impression and lab working model. Alveolar

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Very nice result. Meticulous handling of the process. Did you also provide a nightguard?


hi, thank you very much. yes we provide him an apliance and did a CR record. now we are restoring the lower arch.


Beautiful work.


Teeth are beautiful but more important is smile and face....


thank you for comment. here is the smile and full face view.

smile. front
full face


Nice work looks great


Great planning and great the ceramics!


thank you very much, i really apreaciate your comment. i wolud love to share more cases. hugs form Mexico. #FuerzaMexico.


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