Anterior composite

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Direct anterior composite

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Interesting ,though usually i would try to excavate the caries from the palatal aspect if possible, leaving facial enamel whole (even at the expense of ruining a bit more enamel !) instead of doing so from the buccal , for better color integration long term and lack of margins in esthetic zone (which later might be discolored..)
But at least for now result looks nice
Good day


Ibrahim, I do agree with Aryeh about always trying to perform class 3 restorations from the lingual if possible especially due to the eventual staining. However, when the approach has to be from the labial then I suggest a long bevel and an overlay margin as shown in my textbooks which will allow you to polish the stain away when it occurs


Can u provide me with the name of your textbook ,sir .Ronald ?
about your tip , u r right but in the case above , i remake old composite which was labially


Ibrahim...the name of my textbook is Esthetics In Dentistry, published by Wiley...the new 2 volume textbook will be out in the 2nd quarter of 2018


your book is great ,sir
we are looking for the new volume , as you know ,Adhesive dentistry and esthetics progress and develop fast