Anterior Bone Atrophy. Bone Plates + Ti Mesh

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Posted on By Jose Luis Dominguez Mompell In Bone Grafting

Trying to merge the advantages of both techniques.
Sometimes adapting the thin bone block on the palatal side is not an easy task due to the curvature of the palate. Ti mesh can really help due to its malleability. No need to remove them, and very low risk of exposure thanks to the thickness of the palatal mucosa.

All comments are welcome!!

Looking forward to meeting you all in March in Florida!!

Jose L. Mompell
Juan L. Chao

Buccal View for the defect
Occlusal view of the defect

Palatal mesh in place
Buccal view w/ palatal mesh

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A GREAT combination of techniques...well done. Can you explain when and where we should consider this combo technique and ti-mesh? What bone grafts would you add to the autogenous chips if you needed more bone volume? Any growth factors? Thnx Dr. Salama


Wonderful case. It is tough to adapt plates in palatal sometimes. Is the plate used here autogenous? Regards


Hi Andoni, you are rigth, autogenous bone plate from the retromolar area. In some other cases we have also used the lateral wall of the sinus as cortical plate (Snjezana Pohl has an incredible data base on that) with really good results too.
See you in Florida? Thanks for your comments!


Thanks Maurice, this “combo” technique is a new approach to try to solve a problem that we sometimes found when performing vertical augmentation on the anterior area. It is just another way that may make your surgery easier.
In this case only autogenous bone from the retromolar area was used. No growth factors. Since some months ago we have tried some BioXclude membranes with with promising results. We will keep you all updated.
See you soon in Florida!!
Jose Mompell