3 Things That Make Dentistry Easier...

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Posted on By Paul Kozy DDS In Armamentarium

What 3 Things make practicing dentistry easier for you? Of course we all need a good staff.
Mine would be :
1. Design for Vision 3.5X loupes.
2. Headlight.
3. Sedation. Usually I.V.

Comments please:

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Specialists in the field of dental optics, Lemonchase are the exclusive UK distributors of the world’s first and most ergonomically correct dental loupes – Designs for Vision telescopes.

Preferred by over half of US dentists and 95% of dental surgeons, Designs for Vision’s range of dental loupes and LED lights offer practitioners the ultimate in bespoke, ergonomically-optimal magnification, helping to facilitate better ergonomics and thus reduce both back and eye strain.

Each telescope is made-to-measure for the customer, ensuring the ultimate in optical enhancement: exact working distances and precision optics based on your unique eye prescription needs and specific working requirements. Each Design for Vision telescope comes in a choice of 1.7x, 2.5x, 3.5x, 4.5x or 6x magnifications, and either standard field or expanded field formats. The extended field lenses offer a 50% increase in the standard field of view, providing crisp side-to-side imaging for procedures where a wider field of view is required.

Once again, Design for Vision leads the way, offering the greatest depth of field and widest field of view, thanks to being the only manufacturer to use rectangular-shaped lenses. This patented design feature helps to ensure optimal and unobstructed views of the treatment site whilst also contributing to a reduction in back pain and eye strain.

Easy to clean and sterilise, Designs for Vision dental loupes and telescopes also encourage infection control by protecting eyes from spray and reducing the need for hand adjustments. Each lens has been precision-coated for the best possible view, both through the pens and round the telescope, enabling you to switch from magnified to unmagnified viewing without needing to remove or manipulate the telescopes.

An anti-reflective coating also helps to reduce glare, a welcome feature for those with light-sensitive eyes, especially when used in conjunction with maximum intensity illumination equipment.

Fitted onto comfortable, lightweight and hypoallergenic titanium frames, Design for Vision dental loupes also come in a range of stylish designer frames, including NIKE Revolve, NIKE Pounce and NIKE Curfew, all available in a choice of colours: silver, walnut and black.

Safety is paramount for providers of IV sedation. All dentists who offer it must complete programs that meet or exceed the guidelines established by the American Dental Association in 2007. These include extensive training courses in sedation of patients under expert supervision until proficiency, competency and experience are achieved. Training also includes emergency management, such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). At the end of the training programs, dental professionals must pass a comprehensive exam and apply for an IV sedation permit from their state boards of dentistry. To maintain a sedation permit, dentists must also complete additional hours of continuing education and emergency training on a regular basis.
Modern IV sedation can help many people receive dental care in a safe environment — especially those who would not otherwise be able to have treatment due to anxiety, fear or a specific dental phobia. And, perhaps best of all, it generally leaves one comfortable, rested, and with little or no memory of the procedure itself.


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