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For clarification, we have now used x-nav on nearly 200 cases. As a rural general dentist this case may seem a bit " out over my skies " but I think it illustrates the wonderful techniques and training I get with Dental XP. This patient was seen post extraction for an implant in area 30. The bone graft was completed using Istvan Urban's "sausage graft" technique. Bone scraper was used to achieve a 50/50 mix of autogenous bone with bio-oss. This was then mixed wit PRGF and a collagen barrier tightly tacked into place. I waited 5 months to place the implant. I have 8mm directly above the nerve but with the width of bone I achieved I elected to place the implant on a slight angle. The restoring dentist will be able to place a screw retained implant for the patient. X-NAV navigated approach was use to allow for an 8mm implant 1.5 mm from the nerve.

Initial image
Post Graft

X-NAV Plan
Post op Pan

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Precision and control. Outstanding. Thank you for sharing. Dr. Salama


Can’t deny the precision of placement...very cool. However, Why not place two implants at the correct trajectory and a more favorable buccal plate thickness? - thank you for sharing -


There is no doubt this is the tough case. Very precise placement, although very high risk for buccal bone loss. Also the size of the implant is too small , compared to the size of the missing tooth. I would consider doing an FPD instead.


There are certainly many other options to this case, as to the comment on the size of the implant, I feel ( following Misch and others guidance ) that 8 and 10 mm implants are now normal size implants. Thanks Bill