2D bone augmentation with Lamina Bone Technique

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Posted on By Emilio Rodriguez-Fernández In Bone Grafting

2D bone augmentation with a xenogeneic shield or Lamina Bone technique (LBT), fixed with two screws and filling the gap with xenograft.

After nine months, The bone width is 4 mm thicker than the original situation. This is my second case working with this bone substitute with nice results, less morbidity (no donor area) and easy manipulation.

Please leave your comments or questions.

Thank you,

Emilio Rodriguez

Cortical preparation
LBT and Xenograft

Suture Nylon 5/0
9 months later

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How is bone QUALITY?


Dear Maurice, the bone quality obtained is clinically good. However, I can not evaluate the presence of neoformed bone without a sample under a microscope.

Thank you for your question!


Great case Emilio as always.

Did you wait 9 months in any case, or do you think there is any chance that that bone is mature enough to receive the implants?


Thank you Dr. Barbosa for your comment!

Both know that the efficacy of 1:1 mixture, but without the osteogenic side, and according to my knowledge and experience the xenograft will work increasing the healing time to 9 months like Urban, Hallman or Ronda have been demonstrated in 2011, 2013 and 2014.

My best,

Socket preparation


great result in this case. One question is predictability. I find I only get a result in 1/2 cases. What is your experience with this?


Dear Dr. Gluckman, first of all thank you for your comment.

I have successfully completed 2/3 cases. The 3er is still deep into the healing period. However, I think that we can talk about a predictable short-term procedure, whose healing times and results can be improved if it is mixed with autologous bone obtained through scrapers. Filck successfully published this technique in 2013 in the I JPRD.

Thank you!



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