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Full arch Rehabilitation. In Esthetic Therapy (General)
By miguel stanley on 05.23.2017 01:55 PM

This is a case of real life dentistry we finished over a year ago. We did an interdisciplinary approach which is standard. The case is self explanatory except for the fact we
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17 years post op SRT. Where "PET" idea all starte In Implants
By Maurice Salama on 05.24.2017 11:47 AM

A 17 year old case of Root Submergence Pontic technique was utilized in this patient. One of the abutment screws became loose and provided us an opportunity to re-evaluate th
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Extremely deep class 5 caries In Composite Resin
By Ibrahim Abdelmunim on 05.25.2017 11:23 PM

Direct composite for a hard class 5 case > After i finished , i realized that may be glass ionomer restoration ( less pedant isolation )or even extraction !! well be a prefe
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