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Soft tissue defect In Implants
By Mahommed Ismail on 04.11.2018 04:05 PM

60 year old patient presents with major bone loss (thread exposed) perimplantitis around 17. Implant placed in 16 site and augmented. Defect still persist between 16 and 17.
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Central-Lateral Dilemma Part 2 In Failures
By Maurice Salama on 04.17.2018 04:53 PM

Patient presents from a referring doctor very concerned with the poor esthetic result with 2 implants placed for the maxillary left central and lateral incisors. Black Triang
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Impacted Molars In Other
By ashok gowda on 04.06.2018 06:59 AM

Hi dear colleagues , need your opinion on this case. This 19 yrs old male patient's chief complaint is pain in lower 3rd molar area. History says that area is edentulous from
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