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Ridge Preservation and single tooth replacement In Bone Grafting
By Roberto Rossi on 08.01.2015 04:27 AM

Patient presented to the clinic with a large dental cyst on an upper bicuspid. Patient was prepared for surgery with initial preparation and antibiotic coverage ant the tooth
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Double socket preservation, flapless insertion In Anterior/Esthetic
By Maurizio Cannata on 08.01.2015 09:37 AM

Here I post a case in which two helpless superior central incisors had to be extracted and replaced by implants. For the maximum repect of remaining tissues and in ordet to m
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Single tooth replacement and soft and hard tissue In Anterior/Esthetic
By Roberto Rossi on 08.02.2015 07:51 AM

A young patient underwent a trauma on a tooth that was previously restored with post and core after an apicoectomy. The local anatomy showed a very thin buccal plate and a l
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