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softtissue enhancement at implant site via VISTA In Soft Tissue Enhancement
By Haakon Kuit on 02.01.2015 09:33 AM

This case was referred to me with the question if I could improve the soft tissue buccal of the implant at the left upper central. The implant was installed 1 year ago and i
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Emax and Zr smile enhancement In Anterior/Esthetic
By Cafadaru Mihnea on 01.31.2015 04:11 PM

This is a case with multiple problems: aesthetics, sub-dimensional VDO and periodontal. This is a short presentation of 8 months work, and we are not finished. The patient r
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Miller Class II recession coverage; 2-step approa In Periodontics
By Haakon Kuit on 02.01.2015 05:05 AM

A young women is presented in my office with a Miller Class II recession at the buccal site of a lower incisor. After orthodontic therapy in the past the lower incisor is in
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