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Modified IVAN technique for socket type 2 In Implants
By snjezana pohl on 06.21.2016 12:16 PM

A 32-year-old healthy woman presented with a vertical fractured #8 as a consequence of dental traumatic injury some years ago. Modified IVAN (Inter positional Vascularised
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SS on temporary (2) In Implants
By Jorge Campos on 06.23.2016 10:03 AM

Another temporary molar that is going to be replaced with an implant. The oportunity to do a SS is here. To perfect center the implant, I did a Hürzeler´s centering implant
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Open flap socket shield In Implants
By andoni jones on 06.21.2016 04:26 PM

Open flap SS on tooth LL5. The root was VERY thin in the apical half. The value of 3d imaging is incalculable. Cross section image allowed me to cut the lingual half+ the
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