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Perio Tx still plays a BIG role in patient care. In Periodontics
By Maurice Salama on 05.21.2020 10:51 AM

Now more than ever, Perio Tx still plays a BIG role in patient care. Patients that have chronic adult periodontitis issues like this patient and wish to maintain their teeth
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mIVAN technique In Bone Grafting
By Petrônio Guimarães on 05.19.2020 03:33 PM

Central incisor root fracture, treatment with mIVAN technique.
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Palatal bone missing - tuberosity bone block In Bone Grafting
By snjezana pohl on 06.04.2020 02:07 PM

Ben Lashley posted a case with missing palatal bone in the anterior maxilla. I have solved some of these cases simply with cortico-cancellous tuberosity bone block, wedged i
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