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Open Socket Shield/DFDBA/ Densah Burs In Implants
By Charles Schwimer on 10.02.2015 03:10 PM

Male 58.History of head injury and taking anti seizure medication(Amanitadine)causing xerostomia leading to root caries/restorative failures. Patient fractured recently place
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Papilla Horizontal Cut, an aesthetic incision? In Anterior/Esthetic
By Jorge Campos on 10.02.2015 12:20 PM

As we commented here on this Forum, sometimes is usefull to do crevicular incisions (sulcullar) to raise a flap. If we cut the papilla verticaly we can have a little retracti
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Explant Bone graft Tissue graft at once ? In Implants
By laurent oiknine on 10.01.2015 08:48 PM

New patient, 67 yrs old. Good health. No meds Broken implant site 3.6 (Zimmer ?)Crestal bone loss. Shortened vestibule with pulling (From previous surgery I gather) My plan
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