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Pet Perspectives / SRT in a Major Tooth In Other
By rocco mele on 03.27.2015 04:47 PM

Traumatic Fx of the R Maxillary Canine. RCT is the usual treatment of choice. Unfortunately the remaining crown was causing a wearing problem on the ipsilateral mandibular ca
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Aesthetic crown lengthening In Periodontics
By omar mohamed on 03.30.2015 02:08 PM

A 35 year old female patient presented with unaesthetic altered passive eruption affecting incisors and premolar teeth... the case was treated with aesthetic crown lengthenin
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Ridge splitting with simultaneous implant placeme In Implants
By mahmoud shalash805 on 03.27.2015 04:06 PM

60 Years old male patient. missing teeth 13-17. Preoperative CBCT analysis shows some vertical bone loss together with narrow ridge width crestally at region 13, 14 and 15. D
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