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Posterior mandible rehabilitation part 2 In Bone Grafting
By Ehab Moussa on 06.27.2015 12:24 PM

Hello all, This is part 2 of a case i posted a while back, please see top right corner of screen. Ridge augmentation was performed 5.5 months ago. Re-entry was performed,
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Ridge Expansion Corticotomy or Khoury's Technique In Bone Grafting
By Jorge Campos on 06.26.2015 11:59 AM

A very narrow ridge was prepared for two implants. Due to the minimal space, the ridge was succesfully splited as shown...till the 2nd implant insertion. A fracture on the b
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Management of Failing #7 with loss of IHB mesial In Anterior/Esthetic
By Alan Haspel on 07.01.2015 04:52 PM

Any recommendation for surgical stage sequencing, flap design for ridge augmentation step and temporary prosthetic details to preserve the distal papilla of #7? My primary co
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