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Large Bone Reconstruction And Papilla Preservatio In Bone Grafting
By dr Amos yahav on 01.15.2019 07:58 AM

The following case represent minimally invasive, simple, and most effective surgical protocol to reconstruct a large bone deficiency in the aesthetic zone ,and at the same t
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Mandibular Incisor PET In Implants
By UDATTA KHER on 01.09.2019 09:35 PM

Little room for error while doing a mandibular incisor socket shield.
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Grafting of a Maxillary anterior defect . In Bone Grafting
By Wahib Moussa on 01.14.2019 05:10 AM

Hallo All This case reflect patient neglect to treat an apical infection related to tooth no 10 , the apices expanded invading bone and resulting in a huge defect which i
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