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Parry-Romberg Syndrome In Bone Grafting
By Alexander Zubkov on 02.07.2020 03:02 PM

Female patient age 43 underwent extractions 20+ years ago, maxillary arch. Presently interested in replacing missing teeth with fixed implant supported prosthetic. Patient al
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Bone bending with Khoury Plates In Bone Grafting
By Howard Gluckman on 02.16.2020 10:02 AM

This case required both buccal and palatal grafting. instead of doing the two plates buccal and palatal I went for an occlusal plate that gave me the bucco-palatal dimensio
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PET + FIRST In Bone Grafting
By Fabio Manuel Filannino on 02.13.2020 12:39 PM

Planning to insert 3 implants in the lower jaw, I have inserted a 4.5 using the Socket Shield Technique and 4.6, 4.7 all of them with healing abutment. For the little horizon
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