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Solution for Maxilla In Implants
By mark dankowski on 04.13.2014 08:19 PM

61 y.o. female with otherwise non-contributing Medical/Dental history would like to have her dentition restored back to at least 1-st molar state. She also desires to have it
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GBR vs two small implants In Implants
By mark dankowski on 04.15.2014 03:50 PM

42 yo female with non-contributory health/med hist. Narrow ridge ,yet wide enough for ridge split. If I place 4.7-5.2 implant we are looking at exposed threads at he coronal
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Immediate extraction, implants and loading for lo In Implants
By Wahib Moussa on 04.17.2014 10:43 AM

Hello All Case presented with ceramic bridge covering four anterior teeth with a missing left central incisor, Patient history revealed apisectomies for the remaining teet
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