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Resolving a very unaesthetical anterior implant t In Anterior/Esthetic
By José Ferreira on 09.10.2020 09:35 AM

This case it's a 2,5 years journey to resolve an aesthetical problem caused by a very bad implant rehabilitation on the tooth 11 done by other colleague 1 year before. The pa
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Khoury technique In Bone Grafting
By Petrônio Guimarães on 08.18.2020 06:16 PM

Bone block harvesting technique described by Prof. Khoury in anterior maxila bonne defect
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Treatment of altered passive eruption with socket In Implants
By Howard Gluckman on 09.08.2020 12:09 PM

This workflow shows the digital treatment planning and workflow together with a guided stent allowing the predictable removal of the correct soft tissue and bone. This is al
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