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Post surgical stabilization defect In Soft Tissue Enhancement
By Ben Lashley on 06.18.2020 01:37 PM

70 Year old female with history of condylectomy recently had condyle replaced a second time. Cross arch stabilization was performed and a gingival defect has ensued. It is
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PET and delayed implant In Implants
By Fabio Manuel Filannino on 06.24.2020 05:49 PM

One surgery case where we deal with post extraction site, magneto dynamic technology, immediate implant, narrow crest and socket preservation with partial extraction therapy.
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Periapical Radiolucency 8, 9 In Endodontics
By Ace Jovanovski on 06.15.2020 12:33 PM

History of trauma ~10 yrs. ago. Came for esthetic consult. 8/9 Splinted for +1 mobility with lingual wire. CBCT shows thin cortical plates, but well defined apex radioluce
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