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9 1/2 Weeks Staring Densah Bur In Implants
By Charles Schwimer on 02.02.2016 09:08 AM

Female 40. Presented with long standing abcess tooth #4. Tooth was extracted with DFDBA. Implant placed 9 1/2 weeks later. Megagen AnyRidge 4.5 x 13 with 45N insertion torque
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To extract or not extract horizontal fracture of In Endodontics
By phil Harper on 02.05.2016 08:46 PM

In 2008, A 55 year old female with a high cosmetic value presents to my office with pain and discomfort on #9. She reports, "a brick fell on my face when I was fixing up the
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CTG or FGG? In Periodontics
By Erik Andersson on 02.01.2016 05:18 PM

Both #22 and #27 have ~3mm of facial recession. Probings are within normal limits. Centrals and laterals have ~1mm to 2mm of recession. Any treatment suggestions?
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