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SS open flap , Glocker approach with Landsberg-B In Implants
By Jorge Campos on 05.27.2015 02:24 PM

An upper canine that had already a failed apicoectomy 2 years ago is going to be replaced by implant. On the same zone bicuspids are missing. Planning to do a bridge supporte
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Last CTG? In Implants
By Jorge Campos on 05.26.2015 07:32 AM

Central incisor missing due to infection. Block graft, from retromolar area. After 3 months Implant placement+ Immediate load+ CTG After 5 months another CTG , also from p
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Pet Perspectives / Major Tooth SRT 2 Month Follow In Other
By rocco mele on 05.26.2015 05:41 PM

There was a time when I considered this treatment insane to leave a vital intact root in place especially the size of this Canine. Posted the clinical photos to demo the ver
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