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Socket shield complications follow up In Failures
By Howard Gluckman on 10.31.2014 03:34 PM

this is a complication that was treated and this is the long term follow up of the case. It is one thing to post a case and show beautiful work. The proof however is in the
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Treatment of black triangle In Anterior/Esthetic
By Islam Kassem on 10.30.2014 04:16 AM

Treatment of black triangle using scalpura filler I.Kassem,FDS RCS managing of black tiangle using facial filler getting immediate result with 1 year longivity
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The technology behind implant prosthetic single s In CBCT & CAD/CAM
By armando ponzi on 10.30.2014 05:10 AM

Patient missing tooth #3 was evaluated for implant replace. Initial data were: impressions, digitalized through an extraoral scanner and a CBCT. These data are mandat
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