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Osseodensification in Implant Dentistry, my First In Implants
By Ehab Moussa on 02.12.2016 07:52 PM

Hello all, Here is a fresh one. I just did this case this morning. My first time to use the Densah drills, and i must say...Im in love. Densah drills used to expand ridge
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Osseodensification. 4-month Re-Entry of a Densah In Implants
By Salah Huwais on 02.12.2016 11:36 AM

This is a 4-month follow-up of a previously published case in a video on this forum. T
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What’s the best CBCT for my practice? Part 1 – Fi In CBCT & CAD/CAM
By Wisam Al-Rawi on 02.12.2016 10:29 PM

I often get asked this question by so many doctors during CE, seminars or presentations that I thought it would be best to write about the different things a doctor needs to
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