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Online Case In Implants
By Jorge Campos on 02.25.2015 07:26 AM

This is a case that was uploaded on Campos Clinicae website while it was developing. The particularity is that was uploaded before the final result was acomplished. As we ca
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Bone and soft tissue loss around 2 adjacent impla In Implants
By Beth Tomlin on 02.24.2015 05:34 PM

The patient presented with the complaint that the recession on her implants has not gotten better. She was told by her general dentist to wait a year and see if it would get
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A large diameter Osstem case In CBCT & CAD/CAM
By armando ponzi on 02.24.2015 10:11 AM

Anticipated image guided study can easily allow implant depth, length and diameter. In Pict #2 there’s a superimposition between pre and post extraction bone level and impl
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