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Implant placing with horizontal GBR using resorba In Implants
By Bagrat Smbatyan on 01.16.2018 10:36 AM

In this video you can see steps of surgical treatment. Fers step is implant placing with resorbable membrane (xenopericard), second step is soft tissue augmentation and heali
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Guided Bilateral Crestal Sinus Lift with Densah+G In Sinus Augmentation
By Anton Andrews on 01.10.2018 11:14 PM

Complete maxillary Rehabilitation. The treatment plan includes 7 maxillary implants, vertical bone reduction in the premaxilla to eliminate “gummy smile “ and flexible Resto
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Immediate implantation and soft tissue grafting In Implants
By Bagrat Smbatyan on 01.18.2018 05:52 AM

In this video you can see immediate dental implantation and augmentation of free connective tissue grafts.
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