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Evolution of Implant aesthetics In Implants
By narayan tv on 11.29.2015 10:59 AM

Implants in the aesthetic zone are challenging and concepts are constantly evolving.The last decade and a half has been the renaissance age of aesthetic zone implant therapy
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Failure to understand proper implant placement In Failures
By Walter Ackah on 11.30.2015 04:59 PM

A 36 y.o hispanic female reports to my office unhappy with the esthetics of implant #8. The implant was placed 2 years ago. The metal abutment has been exposed for a year. Pa
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Two protocols for an even more predictable guided In CBCT & CAD/CAM
By Salo Kegen on 11.29.2015 08:45 AM

Two protocols to make guided surgery even more predictable: 1. The Cotton Rolls CBCT Scan Protocol and 2. The Model + Waxup 3D Scan Protocol LINK1:
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