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PET + mIVAN for implant site development, complex In Implants
By snjezana pohl on 03.22.2017 04:39 PM

Patient was referred for post ex implant placement #9 and #10 :))). First surgery: ex, PET: it was saved what could be saved. Modified IVAN technique (hard tissue graft: au
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Agenesis of laterals / No space for implants In Anterior/Esthetic
By mariano estrada on 03.19.2017 08:48 PM

Patient with agenesis of both lateral incisors # 7 #10. With high Smile line,Irregular teeth shapes and Uneven gingival margins. Xray show Big spaces between the centrals
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Fractured implant In Implants
By WALDO ENGELBRECHT on 03.22.2017 05:37 AM

Patient has fractured the implant body, the history is that the previous dentist was aware of screw loosening but was not concerned.The implant is 22months old. The patient i
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