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Thickening of labial bone using "Sausage" techniq In Bone Grafting
By Howard Gluckman on 11.23.2015 04:06 AM

The ideal buccal bone width around an implant is 2-4mm in order to maintain soft tissue and aesthetic stability over the long term.(Grunder 2005). Accepting a small amount o
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8-9 socket shield + immediate load In Anterior/Esthetic
By andoni jones on 11.21.2015 12:29 PM

Woman in mid 30's presented with hopeless upper centrals. After Ctscan examination, a decision was made to do a partial extraction of the teeth, place the implants, and immed
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Socket Shield plus Osseodensified DFDBA with Imme In Implants
By Charles Schwimer on 11.23.2015 10:29 PM

Female 52. Presents with fractured tooth #5 with 8mm PD on mesial-lingual. Also history of Bruxism and Gingival recession (treated previously with CTG). Another concern being
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