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ASPA technique using decalcifed osteoidncutive My In Implants
By Dong Sohn on 01.17.2017 08:27 PM

When this patient came to me, she showed ailing upper anterior implants. The removal of #7 and 8i was done, after then large 3 D bony defect was shown. If you were pati
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Hammo case-Apex locator In Endodontics
By Moh'd hammo on 01.18.2017 02:02 AM

Where is the end of the canal? Apex locator is so helpful gere
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Full arch Rehabilitation with 12 Biohorizons Impl In Full Arch & Dentures
By Vladimir García Lozada on 01.15.2017 05:18 AM

Dear friends, this is a case of a female 60 years old with gum disease, bad aesthetic and halitosis, she wanted a definitive change, and improve their quality of life and ora
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