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Modified incision/one time abutment/immediate loa In Implants
By THEO ODYSSEOS on 12.07.2016 05:56 AM

controlled diabetic pt presented to the clinic with 2 periodontal compromised upper central incisors.teeth were extracted using a modified palatal incision and 2 definitive a
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Zygoma & Pterygoid implants plus bone regeneratio In Full Arch & Dentures
By Berto Fernández on 12.07.2016 12:46 PM

Man 67 years old was referred to our office for periimplantitis treatment, previous implants were removed and a combination of zygomatic, pterygoid implants and bone regenera
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Sinus lift question In Sinus Augmentation
By Robin Tran on 12.10.2016 04:24 PM

Upper left bridge will be sectioned, #16 will be extracted. Pt needs 2 implants on #13 and #14. I want want to do sinus lift,vertical approach. Is there way to do sinus lift
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