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3D Implant Tx with R2 Gate In Implants
By Тарас Глушко on 01.09.2020 06:04 AM

Megagen Anyone R2GATE(Megagen AnyOne) allows you to do prosthetic driven Treatment Planning for optimal positioning of the implant.
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One year post op In Full Arch & Dentures
By Ben Lashley on 01.15.2020 02:28 PM

This is the one year post op of an all on 6 case. The patient has obvious recession and the implants were placed too far anterior. The prosthesis could have been made sligh
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Implant placement with simulatenous GBR In Anterior/Esthetic
By mahmoud shalash805 on 01.16.2020 08:04 PM

Immediate implant placement to replace 11, a dehisence defect was managed using a resorbable collagen membrane stabilized with tacs and periosteal sutures. Autogenous bone ha
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