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Recession around immediate implants In Soft Tissue Enhancement
By Naresh Hirani on 03.21.2019 10:45 AM

Hello all, I would appreciate your opinions on managing the recession around these three implants. Situation: - the implants were placed immediately into extraction sites
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Central Incisor Spacing with Malpositioned Implant In Anterior/Esthetic
By Ace Jovanovski on 03.25.2019 07:13 PM

Presented to me as a 2nd opinion to restore #8 implant, placed by previous clinician. Mesial distal spacing excessive (++13mm), with implant submerged ++7mm subcrestal. M
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Biologic Shaping In Periodontics
By Daniel Melker on 03.25.2019 05:13 PM

Please look closely at #30 mesial and #31 mesial. In both instances the old margins approximate the bone. Conventional CL would call for removal of 3-4mm's of bone removal
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