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#16 sinus wall repair In Sinus Augmentation
By vincent cheng on 07.27.2016 08:40 PM

#16 lateral and crestal bone wall missing, only soft tissue left Combination of full thickness flap and partial thickness flap technique to expose surrounding intact bo
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Pet Perspective / Feline Immediate Cuspid Implant In Implants
By rocco mele on 07.27.2016 04:50 PM

Maxillary cuspid surgical extraction w 4X8mm immediate subcrestal implant placement. As always the buccal bone and tissue is not ideal, however adequate for the feline patie
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Phase I management of a Class II with multiple co In Orthodontics
By Miguel Hirschhaut on 07.30.2016 08:40 AM

A 10 year old male comes for a second opinion with a Class II mandibular deficiency and upper incisor dental protrusion. Patient has a high frenum and blocked upper laterals.
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