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Grafting for missing buccal wall In Bone Grafting
By andoni jones on 11.25.2014 02:22 PM

This patient lost the UR2 due to a fractured root resulting in the loss of the buccal wall. The implant was placed along with a GBR using a pericardium membrane + xenogra
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Biomimetic Wide molar implants CAD/CAM. In Implants
By Anton Andrews on 11.26.2014 02:48 PM

74 y.o. Male with missing #19 and broken #20 due to grinding requested dental implants as the replacement. Single surgery Extraction>implants (5.8X9 and 8X9 ) >autologous B
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Is 30+ years long enough for a hopeless tooth? In Periodontics
By Daniel Melker on 11.28.2014 03:36 PM

This case is presented for a simple reason. In the day and age of quick extractions and placement of implants we should re-evaluate the ability of TEAMS to keep teeth. Trea
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