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African American Patient with Fibro-osseous dyspl In Implants
By Armond Kotikian on 07.27.2014 04:36 PM

44 yo African American female who will need 5 implants in the posterior mandible. On her panorex and CT she has the common signs of Fibro-osseous dysplasia. It is more obviou
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Sof tissue contour with preoperative model in Imm In Implants
By Saphal Shetty on 07.27.2014 03:27 AM

Fracture ant teeth 21 Options of Implants chosen by the pt treatment plan xtn of 21 Immediate implant placement, The presentation will give you detailed description of
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Laser Periodontal Therapy In Periodontics
By Theodoros Tachmatzidis on 07.26.2014 01:12 PM

Patient presents with 14mm probing on mesial of Mandibular Canine (Mobility Class III) and 6mm on distal of Lateral incisor. Localized Severe Adult Periodontal Disease is the
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