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Failing anterior teeth In Anterior/Esthetic
By bruce birchenough on 03.21.2019 08:23 AM

38 y.o. female with previous trauma to #8/9. Severe bone loss and esthetic issues. My thoughts were to erupt 4 anteriors to gain bone before extraction, implants and restorat
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What to do with UL canine? In Orthodontics
By Paul Mikhli on 03.15.2019 01:56 PM

This patient will be undergoing full ortho to position teeth in ideal locations and fill the missing teeth spaces with implants. I want to know what xp family thoughts are re
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Recession around immediate implants In Soft Tissue Enhancement
By Naresh Hirani on 03.21.2019 10:45 AM

Hello all, I would appreciate your opinions on managing the recession around these three implants. Situation: - the implants were placed immediately into extraction sites
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