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Possible graft failure after 1 week? In Soft Tissue Enhancement
By Vikaskumar Patel on 10.17.2019 03:26 PM

Hi Everyone. I wanted to share case I did one week before and just saw post op for 1 week today . This just my 2nd case I did after the course and wanted to get your opinion.
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PET not going well. Now what? In Implants
By Ben Lashley on 10.17.2019 11:27 AM

This is one of my first pet tecnique cases. Have done 20-30 more since this and have had near 100% success. This one may have failed due to tecnique and the fact that the o
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Post bone graft implant with narrow ridge....osse In Implants
By daniel gremban on 10.21.2019 11:56 AM

Jen is a 70 year old that had 27 extracted with socket grafting a year ago. She presents for implant at this time with a narrow buccal lingual width. Is this a candidate for
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