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Socket Shield bridge finished In Implants
By Jorge Campos on 02.11.2016 09:02 AM

This case has posted and now is finished. Interesting to see is the buccal plate restored with Socket Shield and ridge spliting on #7, plus CTG. On the mucogingival phase, t
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Pet Perspective / Densah Case 8 Weeks (Digital Pl In Implants
By rocco mele on 02.10.2016 12:06 PM

R Max PM4 Uncovering @ 8 weeks w excellent ISQ readings. So,impressions and early loading. Digital planning w 2 custom abutments for 1 prostheses. Trying a new shift in resto
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OD Immediate Implant in Setal Bone In Implants
By Charles Schwimer on 02.11.2016 05:54 PM

Just Did this case this morning. Megagen 4.5x13 placed with 60+N torque value. No biggie with the Versah burs.Chuck
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