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Autogenous bone definitely still the gold standar In Bone Grafting
By Howard Gluckman on 07.20.2017 03:11 AM

We hear many people on the podium talking about the fact that autogenous bone is not the gold standard any more and that synthetics are the answer to all our problems. This
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Uncovering a Palatally Impacted Cuspid in an Adol In Orthodontics
By Miguel Hirschhaut on 07.18.2017 04:57 PM

We allways prefer the open approach for easier attachment placement. After surgical uncovering an attachment is bonded. Palatal uncovering is not as tecnique sensitive as buc
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Would you consider this a successful soft tissue In Soft Tissue Enhancement
By Maurice Salama on 07.20.2017 10:40 AM

Would you consider this a successful soft tissue augmentation result?? Patient presents with recession in maxillary anterior region. No occlusal issues and wearing a nightgua
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