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Extraction-Implant and inmediate funtion In Bone Grafting
By mariano estrada on 05.03.2016 07:29 PM

75 years old Patient with a root fracture at the apical 1/3. TAC show presence of intact bucal bone Non restorable Tooth Socket clacification Type 1. Atraumatic extraction
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Periimplantitis treatment with PRF (part 1) In Implants
By Jorge Campos on 05.05.2016 10:53 AM

A lower full arch with signs of perioproblems especially on the anterior zone. Shallow vestible and high plaque presence, muscle pull evidence: the recipee of a future proble
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Stroke patient with little trabeculation In Implants
By Loyd Dowd on 05.04.2016 02:16 PM

This lady is a 69 year old who had multiple strokes in the past 4 years. She's unable to talk clearly enough to understand her, has to write everything out. She seems to be m
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