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wedge plate atraumatic extraction technique is de In Implants
By Nicholas Albanese on 10.23.2016 06:52 PM

Atraumatic Extraction Technique (utilizing wedge plates) Concept: Wedge plates can generate considerable vertically oriented forces against a tooth/root that ultimatel
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What would you do in this case? In Implants
By snjezana pohl on 10.24.2016 01:15 PM

55-old female patient was referred in 2004 for implant placement #8. What would you do? I´ve just received a follow-up image from my ex office (thank you, Achim). Snjezana
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Non PET Central Incisor In Anterior/Esthetic
By Jorge Campos on 10.21.2016 10:38 AM

FRIDAY POETRY :A female on the 50 lost a central incisor, in another office, and she didn´t like the provisional nor the implant planning. My plan was to over compensate by
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