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Fully Guided Mandibular Full Arch All on 6 In Full Arch & Dentures
By Maurice Salama on 07.02.2019 05:38 PM

Patient presents with failing dentition in mandibular arch. Fully Guided Bone reduction, Implant placement with Ritter Spiral Implants and their new Guided system, Fully Guid
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All on 18! In Implants
By Zahir Khokhar on 07.06.2019 04:59 PM

A Veteran presented with an endentulous mouth to have fixed implant supported prosthesis. Four year follow-up with good stability and excellent home care.
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Bone regeneration with allograft and titanium rei In Implants
By Zahir Khokhar on 07.06.2019 04:41 PM

Patient presented with severe infection around tooth #11 with hopeless prognosis. Decision was made to extract the tooth as well as #13 with bone graft followed by implant pl
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