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Regular Dentures With Out Implants In Full Arch & Dentures
By Jeffrey Sims on 07.24.2014 08:32 AM

These are 3 old cases of maxillary dentures with out implants. At the time, implant placement was not what it is now. All patients had good arches and I had an exceptional
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Full mouth rehabilitation possible with implants? In Implants
By Parth Purohit on 07.22.2014 11:07 PM

55/m patient undergone dental extractions of all teeth 2 months back in other dental clinic. There is no CBCT available right now so on the OPG bases, implants possible in th
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Is Socket Shield Possible? 2 In Implants
By Charles Schwimer on 07.22.2014 04:12 PM

I performed SS procedure this morning. Implant is a Megagen AnyRidge 5x15 and the restorative abutment is 2mm cuff / 5mm diameter. I modified patients tooth for provisional c
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