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Pet Perspective / Dentine Plate Augmentation ( 3 In Bone Grafting
By rocco mele on 09.30.2016 11:40 AM

Follow up 3 Weeks for a ridge augmentation with a dentine plate Thick tissue and stable site. X-rays will be taken in 3 weeks... Rocco
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Hard and soft tissue management for the anterior In Bone Grafting
By Ehab Moussa on 09.28.2016 08:25 PM

Hello friends, Here I show a case for hard and soft tissue management of the critical anterior maxilla. A patient with a reduced but healthy periodontium presents with a l
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Open exposure Vs. closed eruption in palatal impa In Orthodontics
By Miguel Hirschhaut on 09.29.2016 09:05 AM

A 15 year old male comes referred by his pediatric dentist. Patient has both upper cuspids impacted. The upper left cuspid was managed by space opening and removal of the tem
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