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Success, success and Faillure In Failures
By Jorge Campos on 09.01.2014 05:58 AM

Young non smoker male of 42 came with to infected lower temporary incisors. Treatment plan: xtraction ortho-------close space---only 1 implant CTG---------improve, prepa
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Bilateral nerve transposition and simultaneous ve In Bone Grafting
By Juan Alberto Ruiz on 08.30.2014 01:48 PM

67 years old healthy woman came to restored the lower arch
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Post-extraction implant with bone and soft tissue In Anterior/Esthetic
By Dioracy Vicioso on 08.30.2014 12:19 PM

Young patient came to office with a fracture lateral incisor wanting us the resolve her situation in the fastest and quickest way. This was done in the time were we didn't ha
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