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Ailing Implant? How would you manage? In Anterior/Esthetic
By Karl Sousa on 09.20.2019 04:18 PM

38yrs old healthy female patient, with Upper Lft Canine Implant, placed 12yrs ago - labial mucosa seems thin with slight greyish show-thru of implant. Mild tenderness on p
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Fistula In Endodontics
By Claudiu Pavel on 09.12.2019 02:44 PM

Young patient with braces develops a fistula near 1.2 second upper right incissor. I determined that the tooth is not responding to any stimuli. Did an endodonthic treatment
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Socket Shield case after two months of healing In Implants
By Fabio Manuel Filannino on 09.06.2019 04:29 AM

Immediate implant on a premolar with no graft and socket shield tecnnique. Healing after 2 months, at the time of the impression.
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