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Pet Perspectives/Part 2 of Digital Planning Case In CBCT & CAD/CAM
By rocco mele on 10.22.2014 10:11 AM

Progression of a digital planning case in the dog patient. I have done many implant/restoration cases, good results but I can do better... The problem in animals is abutmen
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Indirect Sinus Lift- A Predictable Technique to g In Sinus Augmentation
By Dr.Ramesh Gupta on 10.22.2014 04:47 AM

A case report of a 60 yr old male pt with a history of cardiac surgery about a yr back, heavy smoking,which he stopped after surgery, controlled diabetes, overall mouth in ba
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Post ortho disaster In Anterior/Esthetic
By denis deykun on 10.22.2014 10:46 PM

Hello everyone! Patient presents with a big defect after ortho extrusion of impacted canine. The canine is extracted a few weeks before. No intradental bone left on the
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