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Immediate Molar Extraction and Internal Sinus Lift In Sinus Augmentation
By Maurice Salama on 12.21.2014 09:35 AM

In this case a fractured molar is immediately replaced with an implant and internal sinus graft procedure. Thoughts on combining these procedures? regards Dr. Salama
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The technology behind implantoprosthetic single s In CBCT & CAD/CAM
By armando ponzi on 12.22.2014 11:16 AM

This film shows the virtual execution of a single step implantoprosthetic approach: the items are patient specific as stent, model and 3D X-ray. It can be an important commu
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Minimally invasive sinus lift and immediate impla In Bone Grafting
By Dr. Paul Jang on 12.20.2014 10:07 PM

Sinus floor was elevated about 10 mm using flapless crestal approach with a piezosurgical unit and especially designed inserts. Also, the implant was placed simultaneously wi
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