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Full maxillar approach with PET/DENSAH treatment In Armamentarium
By Jorge Campos on 12.09.2016 09:18 AM

New technologies (osseodensification) and new philosophicall (SS+RST) ways of treatment has changed my approach to cases like this. The results are more aesthetic, due to ker
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Failed Socket Shield, Versah, MIS In Implants
By Gregory Mark on 12.08.2016 01:40 PM

Patient presented with fractured #4. #4 is rotated. Socket Shield was done. Socket was exposed to sinus and I grafted area with MinerOss ( delayed socket shield). 3months re-
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Pins and Needles In Implants
By laurent oiknine on 12.09.2016 09:37 AM

Female pt, 65yrs old, diabetic, denture wearer for over 30 yrs, consults for new dentures. Severe atrophy around mandibular premolar region causing pins and needles sensatio
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