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"PET" SRT Submerged Root Pontic Technique In Implants
By Maurice Salama on 10.20.2016 01:09 PM

Patient presents with fracture to gumline of LL Lateral incisor. Patient has previously had 2 Unibody implants placed to replace Lower central incisors. No room between impla
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Pet Perspective / Dentine Really Works In Bone Grafting
By rocco mele on 10.21.2016 10:01 PM

Case: Palatal fistula into the nasal sinus. Surgical extraction w collagen membrane rolled into a " snow cone " to fill the socket and retain the dentine graft. Covered the g
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don't forget probe In Periodontics
By gianni carrazza on 10.25.2016 10:20 AM

A young female patient, 26 presented, first time in our office, asking for routinely hygiene. The patient go to the dentist every 6 months. Our Hygenist found PSR (Period
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